Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Teddy Bear's Picnic

If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Picnic time for teddy bears,
The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today.
Watch them, catch them unawares,
And see them picnic on their holiday.
See them gaily dance about.
They love to play and shout.
And never have any cares.
At six o'clock their mommies and daddies
Will take them home to bed
Because they're tired little teddy bears

Every teddy bear, that's been good
Is sure of a treat today
There's lots of wonderful things to eat
And wonderful games to play

Beneath the trees, where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic

And just like that, the 10 little teddy bears with their 10 little tags jumped into a box and snuggled in for a long, long journey; first to Minneapolis, then to Africa where they will warm the hearts of orphaned children. I'm so glad my mom and my hubby jumped in on this project with me so that we could finish by the Easter goal! Read more from the start of our project here!

Lyrics from the song "The Teddy Bear's Picnic," by Jimmy Kennedy in 1932


Taryn said...

Nice. I love that song. It is one of the few that I can actually sing. I didn't know the extra verses though. cool.

Gillian said...

How sweet - what a great project! And the song made me smile... my daddy used to sing that to me and my siblings when we were little :)

Sarah Jane said...

How sweet!!! I love your photos of your darling bears, and the lyrics. How wonderful to know they will end up in the arms of little children who have a lot of love to give. Will you be making more bears? I'd love to get involved, but don't know if I am good enough at knitting to make bears!

Jenny P. said...

Taryn - I actually only knew the chorus. Google provided the rest :)

Gillian - I always thought the song was a little creepy. I think it was just the one recording I had tho. I love that your dad would sing to you!

Sarah Jane - We're definately going to be making more bears and I'd LOVE for you to get involved! If Shaune (who has never held knitting needles before) can make it, I have great faith in your abilities. It's all garter stitched unless you want to get fancy. Do you want me to send you more information?