Monday, April 5, 2010

Multitude Monday #5

holy experience

I'm going to be honest -- today, everything's going wrong. The washroom is flooding from 2 (!) sources, the weather is grey, I desperately need to go grocery shopping... the list goes on. But I believe in gratitude, and I also believe that finding things to praise God about may change my own heart. Even in the midst of storms, He reigns supreme.

36) Christ is alive! Christ is alive indeed! (Happy Easter!)

37) We own our own washer and dryer -- we are not bound to a laundry mat (even when they're spraying water)

38) Most things wash up with a little soap and water

39) Fresh, hot, just out of the oven bread makes everything better

40) Family game night with my parents (If you've never heard of Settlers of Catan, you're missing out!)

41) The opportunity to worship with fellow believers throughout this past Holy Week

42) Knitting

43) A freshly-turned over bit of earth for my garden -- all finished and ready for seeds

44) Girly movies and fuzzy blankets

45) The fact that, for now at least, we rent instead of own... fixing this chaos will be our landlord's problem. Everything else in it's own time.

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Taryn said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry about your messes- but good thing your land lord will take care of it!

I am jealous of your garden being ready already!

erikaphelps said...

Settlers of Catan, ooohhhhh yeahhhh :)

Sarah Jane said...

I have days like that too!! It is encouraging to read your list of blessings even in the midst of a "bad day". :) There is always something to be glad for! I agree it is nice to know that your water problem is the landlords responsibility. We rent too, right now, and even though at times I wish we owned our own home there have been times (like when our furnace stopped working this past winter!) that I have been very glad we do not have to foot the bill for a repairman to come out to look at something.

Hope today is going better and you have your issues resolved! We hope to get our garden in real soon too. We have it marked out but not tilled yet.