Monday, March 29, 2010

Multitude Monday #4

holy experience

I've noticed something interesting over the past four weeks of searching for my blessings Tuesday-Sunday so they are ready to write on Monday. Every week, they're easier to find; easier to see. It's like I'm training my heart to be more grateful. Who doesn't want that!? So... my next 10 blessings. At this rate, it'll take 2 years to get to my 1000. I suppose at some point I should pick up the pace...

26) Other's confidence in my own abilities, even when I doubt

27) God-given opportunities to use my spiritual gifts

28) Little children waving palm branches

29) A schedule (I've finally implemented a "chore chart" for myself... and my husband noticed! He thanked me profusely when he didn't have to ask me to get around to the laundry... lol. One of these days I'll get this housewife thing learned)

30) Having all the ingredients on hand for a much craved chocolate cake

31) Long walks in the park

32) Little children showing their personality in ways we never expected (Dear Alexander started school! And he's making progress! He's even learned how to move his own wheelchair on his own, to a part of the room he himself chooses!)

33) Breaking ground on my garden

34) A soul-sister to pray with

35) Pool noodles. They make excellent weapons. :)


Karen said...

I love your list. #35 made me smile. Our children do pool noodle sparring in Taekwondo camp every year,

Mrs. G said...

I've enjoyed reading your lists, thanks for posting them!

Taryn said...

Pool noodles do make excellent weapons.

Good job on the clening schedule. Any tips on how you did it?

Taryn said...

Cleaning I mean. I am not sure what clening is . . .