Friday, December 21, 2012

Vintage Inspired Bias Trim Dress

I made up this sweet little number during my very long blog break then came across the photos again as I was doing prints for Christmas. It's too darling not to share with you! Even if it was made in September.

 This is use #3 for this fabric. First it was a bedsheet that I picked up somewhere. Then it was a dress for me - way back in 2009! That dress didn't fit me after having This Little Miss and just wasn't getting worn, so I repurposed it one last time (maybe) into something for Sunshine.

I followed the Delaney Dress tutorial written by Shannon of luvinthemommyhood and hosted as part of the Melly Sews sundress series. It's so simple, anyone could do it. Basic bodice (I patterned mine off a t-shirt) and a gathered skirt. There's not even any closures - can you see the deep v on the back? The neck is finished off with bias tape, plus more bias tape decorating the waist. And... since I forgot the shirt I was using as a patter is a knit, and this fabric definitely is not, bias trim decorating my several inches of widening at the front so it would actually go on (oops!) I left the back patch untrimmed. Although the original didn't call for it, this is fully lined with plain white muslin except for the sleeves. You can see the shadow of the pintucks I put in the under skirt to help it stand out.

And, of course, a bow :) Left over bias trim stitched onto a plain barrette. Sunshine refuses to leave the house without a bow!

LOVE this tutorial. I will definitely make more dresses like this for G in the future. Since she pretty much hates all pants except her jammies, we'll be needing many dresses come summer time.

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