Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Picture Dress

 It's that time of year - family pictures! There is a reason I only try to get us all in the same place at the same time with coordinating outfits once a year. I seriously think I'm going to have my husband swap faces around using his editing software. In every picture, at least one person is grimacing, has their eyes closed, or is looking completely the wrong way. But! Gracie looks cute in a new dress!

Nice and long - this will fit forever!
 I drafted this jumper myself off of one from her closet. The only thing I changed was making it all around larger and longer so it will fit for a very long time. There is a yoked bodice that ends half-way down the armholes, then the skirt is a simple rectangle gathered onto that yoke, with scoops cut to complete the armholes. A ruffle at the bottom adds some fluff and weight to keep the dress down.

Giant pink buttons make me smile
I've had my eye on this cut of corduroy for a couple years, but I knew it was too juvenile to use for myself. Tada! It has now found a purpose in dressing my small princess. It's hard to see, but the flowers are actually tiny pink buttons. I'm planning on making a big hair flower to match with a large pink button center.

Oh... and in case you were wondering, this is the winner. Really.
The best of over 100 terrible pictures


Sarah Jane said...

Another adorable dress for Grace! I am loving being so inspired by your creations. . .you will have to forgive my tag-along behind you since for me you are pioneering the way to Dressing Daughters. I love everything you make her!

I really like the family photo! Even if the other 99 are bad, this one is a winner. You all look great!

Jenny P. said...

You're more than welcome to tag with me! Most of what I'm making is tutorials online, or remaking things G already has, so I'm labeling the best I can for when you want to make them too. I'm looking forward to what you create for Anne! I'm sure it will be more historical than my decidedly-not historical collection :D