Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Very Crafty Christmas

It seems to be my nature - every time I turn around I have a new project underway. Some I finish right away. Some may never see completion. But I love Christmas crafts most of all! I have an abundance in various stages of started. Hopefully the gifts at least will get done!

My husband asked for a cookie tray to take into work. My mom is a crazy cookie decorator :) so Grace and I went to visit her for the day to get her assistance. I did a lot of the piping myself this time! Cookie baking will never become one of my "main" hobbies, but aren't they cute?

6 different styles
 By special request, a Ginger Man. Apparently redheads have no soul, or so my husband tells me... which is why he is sad. I don't get it but the guys at his office had quite a bit of fun with this one I heard.

Have you seen the new mesh/lace yarns available? I LOVE this stuff! I knit two scarves, one in coffee colors and one in ocean colors. It's just a simple garter stitch, but the way the mesh is woven makes these lovely ruffles. I'm totally making one for myself after Christmas!

More cookies, this time boxed up for neighbors. Do you like the tags? Grace and I made them each out of salt dough. That is so easy and cheap to mix up, and the results are darling. Easier than the cookies, that's for sure! 

We're actually using these ornament tags for all our gifts this year. I'm wrapping in brown paper grocery bags flipped inside out, then tying on one ornament and one heart to each gift. The heart will have the recipient on the back.

I'm still working on Gracie's quilt. I have 4 butterfly motifs yet to do. The girly better like this - it's more than likely the only quilt I'll ever hand quilt! Way too time consuming for my taste. I really enjoy piecing the tops of quilts, but I really dislike quilting. Anyone the other way around? I'll trade off with you!

Also to finish:
  • Woodland playset carved by my husband, still in need of painting and waxing
  • Reworking Grace's Christmas dress
  • Stitching down the yarn ends on the scarves
  • A table runner (fabric is washed and ready to go, but this probably won't happen.
May all your Christmas crafts be completed in due time!

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