Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gracie's Christmas Dress [Refashion]

Last year I poured my heart and soul into a special glittery Snowflake Dress for Grace's first Christmas.
Pretty Baby last Christmas :)
As I'd hoped, it did still fit this year. Unfortunately, the proportions were just funny. The high yoke with the super full skirt underneath looked too "infant" for my walking, talking little girl. But I'm mad in love with this fabric and concept - I'm not one to let it go to waste, especially 2 days before Christmas when my fabric budget is empty and the stash only holds cotton and a couple scraps from last year.
This year. Fits - but doesn't look good

So what's a good seamstress to do? Why, fussy cut a new bodice and replace it, of course! There was just enough satin fabric to pull this off. I literally had nothing worth keeping left - the last scraps went into the trash can. The sleeves are cut against the grain, but it's not enough to notice. I had to lose a couple inches of skirt at the waist due to the previous scalloped front, but it's still plenty long enough (maybe even for next year? A 3 year dress!)

Singing in the Christmas program
The bodice is the back-button shirt pattern with short sleeves taken from Heirloom Sewing for Jack and Jill by Martha Pullen. I was pleased that the "short" sleeves are elbow length - I prefer this look. I used bias cut strips of the cream from the underskirt to bind the sleeves and neckline. Since I only had the 2 buttons from the original bodice, I used those as decoration on the front and hid black snaps in the placket on the back. This is the original skirt which, after trimming off the scallops and arm holes, is just a big rectangle gathered on.
 My only disappointment is that in my haste to finish, I only used my pinking shears on the seams. Apparantly that isn't a good solution for satin - it frayed out and part of the waist seem has pulled separate at this point. Thankfully that happened right as we were packing into the car for home on Christmas eve, so she got through both church services without her dress falling apart. I have a couple scraps of satin bias left, and of course tons of cotton, so my plan is to go back after New Year's and encase the seams in bias. That should keep it sturdy - right? I'm pretty new to this whole satin thing. Cotton is definitely my friend.

Removing the stickers the big kids were to stand on
Oh! Can you see her giant hair flower? It's scrap organza from the skirt. I melted it over a candle. Way too much fun. Directions are here for my pyro friends with small girls. Or big girls - I made one for myself too so we matched :D

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