Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Repurposing: Something new from something old

I'm a packrat. If someone offers me something they don't want anymore, I seem to have a genetic compulsion to say "yes." That's how I ended up with a bag of the most hideous old sheets and workshirts I've ever seen. Ever.

Until recently, I've held onto these items, saying, "I'll find a way to use them somehow somewhere," but never wanting to alter their original purpose. When I realized how much junk I had in my tiny apartment, this simply had to change. So! Repurposing projects!

My first repurposing project was to take an old cream colored flowered bedsheet (full size -- we only have a twin and a king) and do something with it. My darling husband bought me some sewing patterns a few months back that I haven't had the chance to work with yet. One was this cute wrap dress that looked very retro to my untrained eyes. So, I set to work transitioning the old sheet into a new dress, which now looks like this:

I had a lot of fun figuring out how to lay the pattern on the sheet to have enough fabric. I also salvaged the narrow green trim from the top of the sheet and relaid it along the dress collar. I didn't do a mock-up for fitting (since I was using free fabric already) and over-all I'm thrilled with the way everything turned out. I just think I'm going to rip out the sleeves and trim the shoulders a little narrower so they sit on my shoulder point instead of down off it.

No one at church even knew it was an old sheet!

Next project: turning a heavy-weight workshirt into a pretty work apron.


KinaBolina said...

You are an amazing seamstress! It looks gorgeous and I love the print, it's so dainty. :)

Sarah Jane said...

Whoah! This dress is just GORGEOUS, Jenny, it's amazing! I would never have guessed it was a sheet either. The fabric just works so perfectly with this dress style and it does look very retro. :) I especially like how you did the collar with the salvadged edge. It is beautiul! (What pattern was it, btw? I'd love to make a dress like this!)

Jenny P. said...

KinaBolina, thank you for the sweet compliment!

Sarah Jane, I used Butterick 5030 view A. I can't wait to make it up again, it went together very easily. I'd highly recommend it, but you may want to extend the under-lap on the skirt if you'll be bending down for your little ones a lot. I plan on doing that on my next one.

Mrs. G said...

Jenny, the dress is really cute, I'd never have guessed its former purpose if you hadn't told!