Monday, April 2, 2012

Black Jersey Travel Dress

Last weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with about 20 other ladies from my Bible study group here in Springfield up to Milwaukee, WI, to attend a Bible conference. As we had to be in "business casual" dress for the weekend, I found the perfect excuse to make a new travel dress!
I've had this black jersey yardage around since I got pregnant. The original plan had been to make a maternity dress, but between work and volunteering and pregnancy and trying to keep the house running, not much sewing happened. So this lovely, heavy double-knit has been sitting around just itching for the perfect project to strike my fancy. I think I found it :) I've used this pattern before (but I can never remember the number) but out of a woven. It carries a little differently in the jersey but is still a good fit. I might add some elastic at the waist to help keep it from shifting around - that was my only complaint. I only finished this 10 days ago, and I've already found 3 occasions to wear it! Once at the conference (all day, a very long day, and it wore so beautifully), once to church, and once to a wedding (which is what these pictures are from). I will DEFINATELY be using this pattern again, with a few tweaks.
Oh, and this is #2 (Febuary) for my 12 in 2012 challenge. It's only March and I'm a month behind. Story of my life! I'm going to bust out some quick cotton sundresses to get back on track :)


Sarah Jane said...

Jenny, I LOVE it! It is so classy and flirty and just so darn pretty. Gorgeous job (as always!) and you look beautiful in it.

Gillian said...

Cute! It looks a little like a store-bought dress I have, but yours is cuter! I love the way the fabric drapes :)

Jenny P. said...

Thank you! I think I'll be using jersey again, it was great to use once I got my serger figured out.