Monday, April 2, 2012

White Wool Diaper Shorts

I'm not good at sitting still. So when I realized right before leaving that the drive to the Bible conference in Milwaukee would take over 5hr each way, AND that I didn't have any car-appropriate projects currently underway, I had a brief moment of panic. Then I remembered the random skein of white wool I'd purchased for some project I never got around to. A quick rearrangement of my knitting bag later, I was out to door and ready to knit these darling little shorts: For those of you who don't cloth diaper or use wool diapers, wool is pretty awesome. It is a natural fiber that is both breathable and water resistant. You use it over an absorbant diaper (I prefer fitteds, but prefolds or flats work well, too). Without a man-made fiber barrier, air is able to flow all the way to Baby's skin. Wool pushes pee back into the absorbant diaper as well as letting some evaporate. I always chose wool if Grace's skin is looking red or rashy. Any hint of issue clears up so quickly.

I knit these out of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in "Natural," using the "Sheepy Pants" pattern. It knits up so simply! These are huge (I'm terrible with guage... maybe if I actually knit a guage swatch I'd do better...) but since she's only getting bigger they'll certainly work. I really love the Sheepy Pants pattern. I'll probably make up some more before the summer comes on full force.

The plan for these is to wear them under the sudden abundance of cute little sundresses we just recieved in a bag of hand-me-downs. But they work equally well with t shirts (and you can see them, then!). And yes... my little mover is essentially walking. She can if she wants, but usually isn't brave enough to let go. My how her nearly 11 months has just flown by!


Emily G. said...

Those are precious! I made a new soaker for Vinnie during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, finishing in on my due date. I felted it a little and it's working great alongside the other 3 soakers I have, which are made of the exact same yarn you used for Grace's. For this new one, I used Paton's classic wool. I liked it a bit better. It is softer and I think it has more give and knits up to be a little more elastic. I have another skein of the Paton's in a fun green with plans to do shorts out of it. I haven't even started them, though, because my hands are perpetually full of baby or housework. I want to asap, so he can have it for hot weather. I like wool in hot weather. It seems to make their little bottoms less sweaty.

I can hardly believe Gracie is walking! It seems to me she was just born yesterday. Henry has that same car. He asks constantly to have it put up or put down. It drives me nuts.:)

Gillian said...

They're so cute! I've always seen wool soakers felted - do these work the same way?

I can't believe she's walking (or almost) already! Such a big girl :)

Jenny P. said...

You both mention felted soakers - I've never seen those! Wouldn't it make them less elastic? The plain knit ones seem to work well for me, except when babywearing (compression leaks). I have to treat them with lanolin occasionally but that's all.

Yes... it's crazy she's walking. Silly girl :) Emily, my MIL bought us the car for Christmas. LOL she had to search high and low for a gift because I have a firm "no batteries" rule in this house.