Friday, January 13, 2012

12 in 2012

Last year I sewed a lot... but it was all for other people. Mostly Gracie :) And, why not?! She's little and cute... nothing had to be perfect... and if it didn't work, I hadn't invested too much time or money into anything because everything was little. She got dresses, a coat, cloth diapers; more things than she actually needed. I got a little carried away.

But for me? I never got around to sewing (except for a pair of PJ pants, but those hardly count).

So this year, I'm setting a challenge: I will sew 12 garments to cycle into my every day wardrobe during the year 2012. That is about one per month. I've got a couple bigger projects planned that may take longer than a month, so there will be some short ones mixed in, too. I'm excited by this challenge - I'm tired of my two pairs of ill-fitting "mom jeans" and a miscellaneous blend of other garments that don't fit well OR coordinate with anything else. In addition to my sewing projects, I'll be throwing out a lot of old things and making a couple of carefully chosen purchases so that hopefully by this time next year, dressing is both more fun and easier, with better results.

And, for almost the first time, I'm actually going to sew clothes out of the material they're supposed to be made from instead of quilter's cotton. Sigh. No wonder I don't like wearing the things I've made!

Here's my plan getting started:

And that's all I've got so far. Come summer I want to make some light weight every day dresses with full skirts so I can still get down on the floor with Grace. I like skirts and dresses, even rolling around on the floor: they tend to stay in place better than jeans, especially when I stand up again. I'm more comfy :)

I want to invite you to challenge yourself, too! What will you be sewing in 2012? I'd love to hear your plans for the year!

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Sarah Jane said...

This is a great idea! I really like the idea of making clothes to wear for everyday. I often make historic clothes, but those only get worn once in a while. I'd love to make some pretty clothes that I can use with the skirts, jeans, etc. I already have.

And I too, have often made EVERYTHING out of quilters cotton. . .:P And when a flowy garment is made in that. . .it hangs so stiffly and unattractively! I need to get more into knits and things.

I know for sure I'll need to make some maternity dresses and tops. I have a 1970's pattern that I think I can use for mostly everything because the style is just sheerly awesome. Princess seamed, with long straight panels on the sides but a gathered skirt portion just under the bust at center front. A GREAT maternity style, and also works well for non-maternity wear too.

I'd love to make some in knits now you have mentioned it. I can't wait to see the blazer you will be making! I've never made one and have always been intimidated by the thought of a project like that.