Friday, March 16, 2012

Slumber Party

When one of my dear friends told me her husband was having surgery, I didn't hesitate to offer to watch their little girl while they both needed to be at the hospital. Only later to I realize the implication of having 2 little high-energy girlies running around my house. But my lovely girlies turned out to be more fun that I could have expected. I miss having slumber parties!

This was the first time we've had any of Gracie's friends over without their moms in tow (I love playdates). We had our fair share of tears, but so much laughter as well.

It was Grace's first time in the big tub! Before now I've always kept her in the smaller infant tub, mostly because it uses less water. But what's a slumber party without a splash-fest!?!

Then, of course, semi-naked, cloth-bummed story time. I can't get enough of big, fluffy, cloth diapered babies. M. is cloth diapered only part-time at home, and not at nighttime, so I extra stuffed hers just for insurance. Look how fluffy!

I think I had more fun than the girls did. I can't help but think how much fun Grace would be as a sister. And how much fun I'd have being busy with two.

Oh bother... now I've got baby fever :D!


Amy said...

I'm so enjoying reading your posts. You're so cute. You really do have baby fever! :) I love it.


Gillian said...

Baby slumber party! So much fun :) I'm in love with those cloth-diapered bums too... I'm definitely going to have to CD my children whenever they come along :D