Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is probably my favorite week of the whole year. Finally, all the windows can be flung open with a reasonable expectation of not having to be closed again (at least until AC time). Finally, I can plant my baby plants and lust longingly for fresh tomato salads. And, finally, I can spend hours outside with Grace and our friends, not doing much of anything and enjoying EVERY minute.

My dear friend has a little girl who is just a few weeks younger than Grace. She's in the habit of doing pictures regularly, and when she decided to shoot the 9 month pictures, she invited Grace and I to join! We dressed up our spring flowers, dragged out some props, and let them play for the camera.

At least until they got bored... It was a blast!

The only downside is now I DESPERATELY want their house. As you can tell, they live in the middle of absolutely nowhere, near a dot on the map appropriately named "Cornland, IL." Seriously! I didn't believe it the first time. But alas! There it is. And one day I'll live out that way, too, in the middle of nothing with pretty grass and clean sky. God willing!

Photo credits belong to my sweet friend :)

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