Monday, March 19, 2012

Of Diapers and Dust Specks

Instead of sewing what I should be sewing - putting the hem and finishing hand work touches on my black knit dress - I went for double instant gratification. For those of you who don't know, I cloth diaper Gracie. And, I'm addicted. There's something so ridiculously cute about modern cloth diapers. They've got fun prints, soft fabrics, and who can resist the absolutely fluffy bums that result!? It was only a matter of time before my two loves (diapers and sewing) crash-course collided into each other. So when a local friend told me she had some extra waterproof fabric on hand (that her husband told her to get rid of), I was glad to assist her by getting it off her hands (while MY husband rolled his eyes at my quickly-growing pile). One naptime plus one cartoon later, I had THIS!

I've been eyeing this fabric since before Christmas. Who can resist the Ooga Boogas, also refered to by my charming, obliging husband, as the "Dust speck diaper." They may look like dust bunnies but they're just too cute!

I have some definite changes to make to the pattern - check out that super fluff Miss Grace is strutting! I couldn't put pants over this diaper if I tried. Not that I'd want to... then you couldn't see the dust specks! But for a free pattern (Sprout Snap, if anyone is interested) and 2 hours of time, I'm rather pleased :) Off to tweak the pattern then make more, at the benefit of my several cloth diapering friends with little girlies! After all, I have a whole yard of this stuff to use up!

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Gillian said...

That is pretty much the cutest fabric ever! And look at Gracie standing up... she's getting so big!