Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Accomplishments

We're having one of those weeks.

Have you ever heard the term "frenemy"? It means someone who is both a friend and an enemy at the same time. We have a new "frenemy" in our house... Bubbles the Fish.

I'm not sure who decided that medical equipment should be cute, but Bubbles is the name of the face mask for our new nebulizer. Now that's something I never expected to have to purchase! But alas, last week Grace came down very hard with a respiratory infection and we were perscribed an inhaled medication. Do you know how hard it is to hold down a not-still-ever 9 month old for the 10 minutes it takes to inhale her medication, 4-5 times a day? We both nap afterwards. But I do have to say, Bubbles works. It may be sheer terror to use, but it works. She's bouncing back to health nicely.

My little blanket hoarder. She's got three underneath there. I bought multiples when I was expecting, and thankfully, she hasn't noticed yet that the other sides are different colors. And also, how come every baby sleeps with their tush up in the air? It makes for cute pictures, but it doesn't look comfy to me!

Due to the necessary chaos that comes with having a sicky, not much has gotten done. I've got a knit dress all fit and cut, ready to whip together. I got new waterproof fabric for a stack of cloth diapers. Still working away at Grace's baby quilt and my overly ambitious knit afghan that was supposed to be a wedding present in November. I did break through the overwhelming to-do list to finally dress Grace's dolly, though! The poor thing came with a diaper that didn't fit and a dress that was both ugly and ill-fitting. She's appropriately attired now in soft cotton flannel :)

Some weeks, it's the little things that count :)

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Gillian said...

I'm so sorry Grace has been sick! I hope she's back to normal very soon :) Sounds to me as though you've still accomplished a lot, even with a sick baby! The doll clothes are adorable :)