Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January's Jacket

I've accomplished my first challenge for 12 in 2012! My plan was/still is to make one garment for my every day wardrobe each month. Each has to be wearable, correctly fitted, and NOT made out of quilter's cotton. It's a bit intimidating... but totally worth doing. I'm noticing that each of my projects requires developing different sewing skills as I go along.

This is so not the best picture of me (my photographer had to get to work), but alas: January's Jacket!

I made it out of a soft tweed I found at Joann's over a year ago that has been sitting around waiting for inspiration. You can't see in this photograph, but there is a thin strand of silver metallic thread in the weave as well. This jacket really turned out well (the picture lies). I wore it to a meeting this morning for the first time - yes, I'm running a bit behind. I'm thinking it will be even better over dark trouser cut jeans (which I don't currently own).

Skills learned/practiced: Cutting into non-cotton fabric! I also had to pay much more attention to grainlines than I usually do since this fabric would show a crooked cut very badly. Overall I'm pleased and ready to tackle my next challenge: a knit dress!

This is from Simplicity 2652 if anyone wanted to know.

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Gillian said...

It's lovely! Great job :-) I really like the fabric and the cropped sleeves.