Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I work about 10 hours a week for a sweet home-school family. It's their first year at home -- the older girl attended K-3 at a local school. The 4-yr-old is starting at home and staying there. Since the mom had to keep part-time hours at her job to make ends meet, I come in once a week to "do school" with the girls, as well as help pick up the house and keep everything moving smoothly.

Yesterday things didn't go smoothly. The 9-yr-old was in a heart breaking "need mommy" mood, so we struck up a bargain: the older girl would go to work (then lunch) with Mommy, and the little one would come over to my apartment for a "Pretty in Pink" tea party!

We put on our pink dresses, then aproned up to bake pink cookies. We laid out my pink heart afghan to be our picnic blanket. I had packed a bag with her favorite cuddly animals and we got out my old, battered teddy bears. Oh of course -- we tied pink ribbons around their necks and ears. It was so fresh and exciting. I haven't had this much fun in ages.

We still don't know if I'm expecting. My husband asked me to wait until this weekend when he can spend the whole day with me to test. In the mean time, I've been acting as if I am, taking vitamins and avoiding the bad-for-you stuff like diet coke. I feel pretty certain that I am, tho, after reading a variety of websites that describe exactly what I'm feeling. Among other things, I've never been so tired in my life.

Today's tea party made me so excited about the prospect of having a little one! I only "borrow" these girls one day a week, but I look forward to it so much. We have such a good time together, and I love being intimately involved in their schooling. It's exciting to see them learn and grow more every time I visit. My time with them is also building my confidence in my abilities as a future mom.


Sarah Jane said...

What a gloriously fun time that looks to be! I can't wait until my babies are old enough to homeschool. The pink party looks so fun! How I miss days like that with my two little sisters.

I'll be praying for you guys this weekend!

Bethany Hudson said...

Hello, my name is Bethany. I just found your blog through Domestic Felicity. Good luck with that test! It's so exciting, that waiting period before you know *for sure*. Perhaps waiting until the weekend is best, anyway...I never got positive tests until well after I'd skipped my period, so a little extra time might give you a more accurate answer :)

And, good for you avoiding "bad" foods! I confess I have consumed diet cokes (in moderation) with both of my fact, I had one with lunch today!