Wednesday, January 28, 2009

City Girl vs. Country Girl

I saw this on Sarah's blog and couldn't resist!

How City Are You?

The “X” stand for “No.” The “*” stand for “Yes.” (I am just going to write yes or no)

I’ve drunk Starbucks more than once in my Life: Yes! There’s one at my college, and we can use meal-plan money there. It’s the best place on campus to meet up with people, especially first-contacts for Evangelism team. Kind of a safe territory. That, and I’m addicted to hot tea.

Sometimes I link arms when I walk with someone: Yup. With Shaune or my best friend Carrie.

I shop at AE A&F, or HCO: Back in high school. But even then, only once or twice.

I own 4 or more dress shirts/dresses: Yes. I call it my “I’m a teacher” wardrobe for preclinical rotations. I’ve started getting everyday dresses tho.

I will never be caught without my cell phone: Yes. *blush*

I blow dry/straighten my hair on a daily basis: No. I pulled out my blowdryer when we were running late the other day, but that’s the first time in 6mo. Haven’t straightened my hair in 8-9 months.

I will wear flip flops no matter what the weather: No. Only in the summer.

I own an over sized pair of sunglasses: No. I had a pair as a gift. I wasn’t sad when they got stepped on.

I own 1 or more pairs of ripped jeans: Yes, but they weren’t ripped on purpose! They’re just too old. I only wear them painting now.

I layer my shirts: All the time, because I’m tall and for some reason most shirts hit way too high.

I have/had a “Myspace mirror pic”: LOL… high school.

When I’m not drinking star bucks I prefer water: Only if it’s hot and tea-flavored.

I get annoyed with tom-boys: Not really.

I own an over sized bag or purse: Yes. Three. They’re the perfect size for carrying a few folders/notebooks back and forth to class/teaching, and are prettier than most tote bags.

I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach: Not a single one.

I say “lol” online: Too much.

I own straight legged jeans: No.

I walk across the street when cars are there or not: I like being alive… I wait to cross.

I wear necklaces: Every day.

I own an iPod/mp3 player: Yes. A gift.

I have the internet: Yes.

I have more than 1 screen name: Yes.

I own/have owned a small teacup dog: No, I’m allergic to most furry animals. No pets for the Prestons :-(

I have said “lol” accidentally in a real conversation: Once.

I love shopping: Depends on the company. But we have to go to Saint Louis, because Central Illinois is miserable.

I shop whenever I have a chance: Not even close. I go “shopping” maybe twice a year. I pick up things I need… when I need them.

I have watched the Simple Life: No.

Count the *’s and multiply them by 3 and put “I’m % city.” I’m about 45% city. Makes sense – I was born in downtown D.C., moved to the shadow of Saint Louis, and now live in the state capitol. I like my creature comforts. I don’t go overboard tho.

How Country Are You? Have you..?

Ridden a horse: Yes. It went the wrong way and I was scared to death.

Owned a horse: Never have and never will.

Owned Land: No, but we’re looking (once we get the downpayment)

Been 4 wheeling: No, we didn’t have those where I grew up.

Said “ain’t”: Yes Been cow-tipping: Not exactly – we tried, but it charged us instead. I guess you’re supposed to find one sleeping.

Been deer hunting: No.

Seen a deer get cleaned: No.

Caught a fish: Yes! I was so proud… even though I didn’t touch it.

Been swimming in a lake: Yes, girl scout camp every summer.

Have worked on a ranch or on land: Not even close.

Have lived in a house in the middle of nowhere: My cousins bought 95 acres in the Smoky Mountains and I visit every year. However I don’t think that counts as “lived”

Have been duck hunting: No

Have/went swimming in a river: Yes, several times. On my cousin’s farm as well as a few other times.

Driven in a truck: Yes. For 2 years! It was so abnormal. I had a blue Jeep Comanche right after I turned 16. It was older than I was.

Own or owned a Confederate battle flag: Daddy has one (he’s from West Virginia) but no.

Have said, “I don’t like it. . I love it.”: Yes, but how is that country?

Have a funny accent or people have told you that: Yes… a New England accent…

Owned or own a pair of cowboy boots: Yes. They were red. I was 4. It was heaven.

Own/owned a cowboy hat: No.

Own/have owned a big dog: I grew up with a German Shepherd and an American Mutt. Dad always taught me that if you have to bend over to pet it, it’s not a real dog.

Say “y’all”: Sometimes, after I visit my cousins for a long time.

You have been made fun of for sayin’ “y’all”: Yes, when I get home from the mountains.

Swear when you’re mad: Unfortunately yes. I’m trying to break that habit.

Go to church on Sunday: Yes.

Have ridden a horse to somewhere in town: No

Have gone on a field trip to a farm/ranch: Yes, every year in grade school. Got to show us “suburbians” what an animal is.

Made deer jerky: No, but I love to eat it.

Have eaten deer meat: Yes

Have shot a gun before: Yes. I was so startled by the recoil I dropped it.

I’m about 45% country, according to this? How strange. I leave my heart in the mountains every time we visit. Shaune and I would love nothing more than to buy some land and become as independent as possible. All the same, I’m so suburban it isn’t funny.

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