Monday, May 2, 2011

Fake Out

** sigh** Seriously, I woke up this morning entirely convinced I'd have something better to post. I was awakened (significantly before the alarm) by contractions coming in quick succession. They took my breath away and made me stop dead in my tracks. I held out til the dr. opened then called for advice -- "Go in!" they said. So I did.

Little stinker. She's got an opinion, that's for sure. She's still tucked in there, all nuzzled up in my rib cage, and I'm at home again.

I spent a little over two hours on a monitor at the hospital. Those two hours I had consistant contractions 2-4 minutes apart... the whole time. And yet! They're not accomplishing ANYTHING! I'm dialated exactly the same as I was last week. 2 MINUTES! I didn't even know they could BE that close together and not doing anything. At least I have a better idea as to why I've been sooooooo exhausted...

So, we're home. Disappointed and slightly crabby, as well as extremely drained. At least we didn't call everyone. And hey, now I've got a little more time to try and finish a few projects. Well... until the next time she pulls this stunt. Of course, at that point, I may just hold out ("what if it's still not the right time?") and end up giving birth here at home accidentally. That would be ok too.

Hope you all are well! Sorry to be a downer :( I'll have brighter thoughts soon enough.


Mrs. G said...

Jenny, even if your cx aren't causing dialation they are still priming your uterus to do its job and they're good for the baby too! It can seem depressing if you're just looking at dialation, but if you look at the bigger picture it's still a good thing. I know it's tiring and easy to feel discouraged in these last days/weeks but you're almost there. Drink some red raspberry tea and get some rest. <3

Gillian said...

Praying for you! I've never waited for a baby (of course ;-P ) but I know how hard it is to have something you really want delayed... hang in there! God's timing is great! :-)