Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fluff :)

I wanted to show off my little fluffy bum. Cloth diapers are the cutest :) None of her onesies are long enough to snap over them, tho... going to have to get that figured out eventually!


Sarah Jane said...

How do you handle all that cuteness? She is TOTALLY adorable! I love her itty bitty legs and little socks. What a sweetie! She looks so snuggable. :)

Emily G. said...

Oh my...she's so precious. I want another girl.

I just put them in a bigger size. My kids usually wear one size down with disposables than they do with cloth. Not that I keep two sizes in their extra inch of onsie is no big deal.

Gillian said...

She's so sweet! And yes, just put her in bigger clothes - my siblings and I never wore the sizes we were "supposed" to wear, partly because we were all really long babies but partly because of the fat cloth bums :)