Friday, December 3, 2010

What a busy week!

Guess what I'm doing tonight! I'm moving into my house!

Now, you're saying, "Wait... didn't they move way back in October?" Yes, we did. WE moved into our house, but none of our stuff did. It got stacked precariously in the garage out back while we did some substantial cosmetic rennovations to the interior. I've been living with a grand total of 4 pieces of furniture... in the ENTIRE house. One bed, one dresser, one comfy chair, and one kitchen table (and two kitchen chairs at it... so 6 total). Everything we need (ie, clothes) has been stacked in various moving boxes and laundry baskets or simply piles on the floor. Utter chaos.

And, as I'm increasingly preggo (17 weeks all the sudden), my tolerance for mess has steadily decreased. I want my little nest to actually have a place to sit :( BUT! Last night, my dearest darling husband finished painting the living room. This morning he got up early to remove the tarps and tapes. I'm ALMOST done cleaning the hardwood floor back to what it looked like in October. And tomorrow! Tomorrow my couch is coming in! And my books (have you ever gone 2 months without any books? Not even cookbooks? I'm glad it's over)! AND MY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!

I'm so grateful to Hubby. He's worked hard to get us to this point. There's still a ton to do, but I'm calling it quits until after the first of the year. It's time to relax and enjoy being homeowners!

Pictures soon :) I'm waiting til the "stuff" is in place :)


Amy said...

Congratulations! Oh, I know that feeling of living out of boxes. You feel so...disconnected somehow. But it'll be just wonderful to get everything situated and homey, and you'll just love nesting for your little one.

Are you going to find out the gender beforehand?

Jenny P. said...

It is disconnecting! I don't feel like it's "ours" yet.

We really haven't decided about finding out. I'm so conflicted! Shaune's pretty set on discovering, but I keep going back and forth -- it's the only real surprise in life vs. wouldn't it be cool to know? I've got til January to decide.

Sarah Jane said...

That is so exciting! What color did you decide on for your living room? I can't wait to see pictures! Oh, it will be such fun setting up a sweet home of your own in your lovely new spot! And preparing for Baby!

We found out the gender with all three of our boys. I wanted to with the first and second. With Malachi I did not really care but we found out since David was so desirous to. :) It was nice knowing we were having boys since people gave us much that was definitely geared towards boys; we acquired books, toys, clothes and little decorative things that were definitely more "boy". It was fun getting tiny little baby boy outfits and sleepers ready and packed in the diaper bag to take to the hospital. But a suprise sounds nice too; I know some people who wait on finding out the gender and they would never have it any other way!