Monday, December 13, 2010

18 weeks, and all I want for dinner...

This baby is strange. For the past several weeks (turning into lots), food just isn't appealing. None of the casseroles I've made for hubby; nothing from any restaurants; just... no food.

All I eat is fruit, snack foods, and popcorn. And tea... mmmm, tea. Of course the child would choose exotic fruits, too. I'm blowing through several pounds of kiwi, pomegranets, and grapefruit every week. And pears, but those aren't exactly exotic.

You'll laugh -- I know I did. Last Friday night, I spent hours cooking a big pot of chicken and dumplings, per special request of Hubby. It smelled excellent... the whole house smelled warm and homey. I lit a couple candles, dished up a couple big bowls, sat down with him at the table, took one bite... and that was it. It smelled awesome but just didn't taste right to my hormonal tounge. Shaune verifies it was as good as ever ; he ate his bowl, mine, and went back for more. I had a kiwi and 1/2 a pomegranet. And a mug of goldfish snack crackers.

I think the best thing about pregnancy so far is it's taught me that things don't make sense, and that's ok. I can't control everything. In fact, I can't control anything! I just have to make peace with whatever God throws my way, roll with the punches, and eat what I can. I have to trust that He's got it all figured out in the end. In the mean time, Baby and I are going to go grab a pear and just sit around -- when I'm still, Baby dances all over my belly. It's a glorious feeling :)

Happy Monday!


Racheal said...

i had the same thing during the first trimester! I would make all sorts of fancy meals for hubby and not be able to enjoy any of it. I almost lived on fruit :)

Mrs. G said...

At least it's fruit and not beer! :-) You're body craves what you need, maybe the hydration or the vitamins or the antioxidants, who knows? It's nice that you're calm and just go with the flow, that's the right attitude!

Jenny P. said...

Racheal, I didn't eat at all 1st trimester. I thought it would change, but alas! LOL.

Mrs. G, Thankfully I've never craved beer. I don't usually eat fruit, either, but I do now! And I'm learning to go with it, after a couple weeks of trying too hard and being miserable :)

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh Jenny! I had food issues also. The babies did fine, but it was traumatic for me at times. Sorry it's hard. Praying for a good appetite! I used to have dreams about being able to eat tons of food and then wake up only to find that I couldn't eat. (again..) Thankfully, it all goes away when the baby comes and hopefully sooner!! LOve you, kiddo!