Friday, November 26, 2010

7 Questions Meme

I'm bored at work on the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone's out shopping, and no one needs the services of the Bank... therefore, much internet time ensues. I stumbled across this over at Mrs. G's blog and thought it would fill some time!

1. Do you prefer Thanksgiving or Christmas? I love, love, LOVE Christmas and Advent leading up to it. Thanksgiving is an insane holiday in my world where we're expected to see EVERYONE all across the state. Christmas day is ours and ours alone -- telephones get turned off before we head out to evening service and aren't turned back on again until AT LEAST afternoon. It's a peaceful, worshipful time for just me and Hubby (and next year, Baby!)

2. If you had to choose between your computer and your television, which one would you get rid of? Easily TV. In fact, we practically already have. When we moved in October the TV got put in the garage (along with nearly everything else) while we redid the house. It's still out there and I haven't missed it at all.

3. Which book heroine do you think is the most like you? Jo March! Especially when I was younger. I have firm opinions and it's taken me a long time to learn how to express them at the right times, to the right people, using the right words. If I'm not careful, I definately speak before my brain can catch up!

4. What is your ancestry? As far as I know, I have a fair bit of Swedish in my blood. That would explain the tall blondeness. However, I do know my dad's been able to trace the Scottish line of our family back to their immigration papers in the early 1800s. My maiden name (Lawhead) is a mispelling from "loch" or lake.

5. What's your favorite flavor of Pringles? Original, for sure! Although the low-fat are prett

6. Are you old-fashioned? Only in certain things. I have great respect for the past, but love elements of now, too.

7. Do you prefer shopping online or in stores? It depends on what I'm shopping for. I buy clothes online because that's where I can find them, but htere's nothing like flipping through books at Barnes & Noble on a rainy Saturday.

I tag everybody! Here's the questions I want YOU to answer! Some are from above, some are new :) Copy them to your blog and answer each. If you answer please let me know so that I can read what you've written!

1. What's your favorite Christmas song or hymn, and why?
2. Which book heroine do you think is most like you?
3. What's for Christmas dinner -- turkey, ham, pasta, or something else entirely?
4. What's one piece of parenting advice you wish you had BEFORE the baby was born? If you're not a parent yet, what part of parenting are you most curious about?
5. What is your guilty-pleasure food?
6. Santa: Yes or No?
7. What is your most favorite part of the holiday season?

Have fun!


Mrs. G said...

Jenny, thanks for posting this, I've enjoyed your answers! I will answer your questions; #1 I don't have a favorite but I enjoy all of the old, traditional hymns. They are so full of meaning. #3 One of the hams from our own pigs and a goose if one of the men shoot one! ;-) #4 I'd recommend "What the Bible Says About Child Training" and "Raising Godly Tomatoes". They are 2 excellent books on raising Godly children with no modern psychobabble. #5 I'm not sure since I don't feel guilty, lol. I guess chocolate cheesecake with fudge sauce. Mmm! #6 No, but the children understand about how other people do incorporate Santa. I don't want to set the precedent that it's OK to lie when it serves my purposes. #7 Family. It's my favorite part of every season!

Jenny P. said...

Mrs. G, thanks for playing! Homegrown ham followed by a chocolate cheesecake sounds like my idea of heaven :) Yum. I'll have to look up those books -- they sound interesting. I'm trying to learn as much as I can before Blueberry shows up in the spring. Same thing with Santa -- we want to be decided before the baby comes and we have to make a snap choice.

StoshPiznarski said...

Even though I'm a little late to this, I thought I'd answer your questions because I'm about to theft the original for my blog.

1. Carol of the Bells, because it's beautifully haunting and so unlike every other Christmas song.
2. Book hero - Jamie Madrox. I just relate to his indecisiveness about how to go about doing the right thing in a world with so many options and opinions. If I really have to pick a heroine, it would be Buffy, even though she's not literary, but I'm breaking the rules because I'm also not a girl. I just admire how she fights for the people she loves (and also can't drive.)
3. Gingerbread cookies. Only gingerbread cookies. Why do they have to be seasonal?!?
4. The part of parenting I'm most curious about is how to go about raising someone to value what I feel is important while still letting them make their own decisions. It seems a tricky line to walk.
5. I'm not really sure I have much in the way of food guilt. But maybe Girl Scout cookies, because they go down so fast.
6. While I believe that the idea of Santa is completely backwards (lie to the kids, and then let them be thankful to someone who doesn't exist instead of family???), I think not doing Santa in such a Santa-saturated culture is almost cruel to the kid. I want to say I'd figure out some sort of happy medium, but I'd probably just do Santa and hope that they're old enough to understand tradition by the time they figure it out.
7. My favorite part of the holiday is family, which has a whole new expanded meaning to me these days. Being adopted, I've always known that blood doesn't make family bonds, but I see even more now how that applies. The holidays for me means being surrounded by people I love, my three remaining close relatives and also my close friends who may as well be blood to me. On that note, I hope I actually get to see you this winter at some point!