Monday, October 4, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience
It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to participate in the Multitude Monday. Not that I haven't had things to be grateful for -- we certainly have! -- but I always seem to busy to write them. Today, finally, I have one blessing that I've been waiting nearly forever to share with you:
#56: The gift of new life...
We're having a baby!
I'm 9 weeks along and feeling... well... I'm 9 weeks along :). We're due in early May.
We decided to delay starting prenatal treatment this time because there's nothing doctors can do in the first few weeks anyway. "Stop drinking." "Stop smoking." Things I don't need to hear anyway. It's all up to God -- all the way through. My practitioner (insurance-selected...) recommends starting treatment at 6 weeks or as soon as you find out... we convinced her to delay until 10. Not a huge bump, but significant to us. So, on Columbus day, we'll go in to see and hopefully hear our little explorer and how he/she is growing and finding the way to us. One more week! God willing, everything's normal and we're on the right track.
Happy Monday, and may you be blessed!


Sarah Jane said...

I knew it! I had a feeling your excitement couldn't be *just* the house. :) So therefore, I am not really suprised but am INCREDIBLY HAPPY for you both!!!! 9 weeks! How exciting! And what perfect timing for the house purchase as well! You will have a few months to prepare and get everything lovely and nice for the new wee one. :) Yayy!! Praise the Lord!!

Emily G. said...

Ditto to what Sarah Jane said about suspecting this. I am SO happy for you! I have been hoping and praying for this for months. Now I can pray for a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy! Yay! I bet you are counting down days until you get past the point where you lost your first dear little one. I did, this time around. I thought I'd stop worrying then. I didn't. From the positive pregnancy test to today, I have been struggling to trust, even though I know Jesus and Mary are keeping our baby in their special care. I hope you are finding it easy to relax and enjoy pregnancy.

AwaydownSouth said...


Gillian said...

Congratulations, Jenny! I wondered if that might be part of your excitement, but I didn't want to ask. I'm so happy for you! I'm praying for health for you and the new little one :-)

Joanna said...

Oh! How exciting! That is so cool! Congratulations to you and Shaune.