Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maternity Clothes Woes

I don't know what it is about my body, but I am showing REALLY early. I'm just past 11 weeks and already having to lay aside my regular work wardrobe. I hung out with my mom this weeked and she revealed that she went into maternity clothes full-time at 10 weeks. So I guess I've gotten a little past her! It's just ironic, because so far I've actually lost a good bit of weight (gotta love morning sickness... boo).

But with my changing figure and a lack of time, I've been busy shopping to keep myself covered. At least, I've been trying to...
What is UP with modern maternity clothing?! Everything I've found is either 1) ugly 2) expensive or 3) most often, both! I have zero interest in wearing skin tight leggings and ill-fitting tops, or even worse, ill fitting tops with writing on them:
Lest I come across as too grumbly, my lovely mother has purchased a couple dress lengths of jersey knit and is whipping me up a couple of work dresses. And eventually, I'll find my sewing machine in the chaos that is moving boxes, get it repaired, and sew for myself. In the mean time, I'm going to take a moment to be positive: Since I need a whole new wardrobe anyway, I'm replacing with more pretty skirts and dresses that I really like instead of the pants I keep finding myself slipping back into. And once I quit my job in the spring, no one will care if a robe counts as "dressed" for the day!
Wish me luck. Hopefully I'm in the last throws of morning sickness and I can start gaining back the 8lbs I've lost, getting on the right track for the long term. Tho, I will miss the easy excuse for my 4th nap today :)


Sarah Jane said...

I hear you! When I was pregnant, I found nothing at all in the stores. I lived in elastic waist skirts and peasant blouses or sweaters with the occasional regency gown to break the monotony. :) Knowing your skills, you will have no trouble whipping up a lovely maternity wardrobe when you are able to settle down and find and fix your machine. How nice of your mom to make a few gowns for you!

If you haven't already, you may be interested in checking out Shannons blog at Thoughts and Thimbles. She is due in December and has some great posts lately on making flattering, stylish and modestly feminine maternity clothing. She is very inpsirational! I'm filing away ideas for next time. :)

Jenny P. said...

Sarah, I found Thoughts and Thimbles while browsing this afternoon. She does have some cute ideas! I forwarded her blog to my mom -- she's a huge blessing to me.

Amy said...

Oh, my, I had the same problem when I was pregnant. I didn't really show early, but it was difficult to find anything nice looking. I didn't have much money to buy anything at the time, so a friend let me have a bunch of her old maternity clothes and I think I mostly wore a pair of cargo shorts (I was pg in the summer), maternity capris which were comfortable, and maternity t-shirts and blouses. Not at all feminine (well, the blouses were), but out of all those clothes, those were the only things I could feel comfortable in.

Enjoy this time with the Wee One growing inside you. I lost about 8lbs during morning sickness too, but once that morning sickness goes away, you will find a renewed interest in eating! :) At least I did. Food finally smelled and tasted so good and I could eat with abandon. Man, I loved Chinese food. I dreamt about it! Haha!


Joanna said...

I was also going to suggest Shannon's blog! Great minds think alike I suppose. :-)

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