Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Perfect Storm of Sewing

I'm so overwhelmed this week. I'm certifiably in over my head with fabric, thread, pins, needles... you name it, it's lying around my house. I don't think I've **ever** had this many sewing projects going on at once, and that's saying something!

Last week I finally had a chance to go visit my mom and have her wrap me up to make my duck tape dress form. I named her Ellinor. She currently lives in the middle of the living room because my sewing room is unaccessable. (It desperately needs blitzed, but who has time with this much sewing going on!)

Ellinor is modeling Project 1, a summer sundress that is turning out horribly. It's the Retro Butterick 4790 pattern: the Walk-Away Dress. The waist is at least 2 inches too low, the whole bodice is too wide (except at center front where it doesn't meet), and just... blah! Believe it or not the back looks worse. I won't scar your eyes with that photograph. So, Project 1 was supposed to be completed by next weekend June 11 to wear to my cousin's graduation. Instead, it's getting shelved indefinately. I won't tell you how much precious time has already been wasted on this creation. I can fix it, I know I can... in time.
Deadline: June 11, but postponed
Projects 2 and 3 are much more appealing, but also carry a higher risk because they're not for me. These two Liberian suits belong to my pastor's wife. She's a tiny, tiny woman... these garments are NOT. You could fit her, and me, and probably her 12 year old daugher into each top. We talked about these alterations way, way, way back in January when I got home from Liberia, but things got set on the back burner until last week. On each of the 2 tops I have to 1) remove the sleeves 2) take in the side seams by a lot 3) alter the sleeves to fit the new armhole and 4) reattach the sleeves. The skirts need shortened and tightened. Easy enough....
Deadline: June 16.
Then, ahah! Sewing that is so far going well! And yet, there is so much further to go. Shaune and I are trying our hands at Civil War reenacting for the first time this summer. Although we're borrowing clothing for him, I'm making my wardrobe from scratch... inside out. Project 4 is the chemise, which is done except for hem. Project 5 is the corset, in progress. Yes, I'm marking the lines with pink chalk. It's all I could find! I don't really like this pattern -- the gussets aren't playing nicely for me. I think next time I'll get a many-piece corset pattern for better fit. This is Simplicity 2890.

Projects 6 - 8 aren't even started yet, beyond the fabric for 6 being purchased and washed. #6: petticoat #7: dress (kinda important) #8: find appropriate shoes. I know that shoes aren't exactly a sewing project, but they'll make-or-break the outfit. I've been looking at all the thrift stores eacy week and haven't found anything even CLOSE. I'd HATE to go through so much work and then end up ruining the look with modern sneakers!

Deadline for 4-8: June 19 for the Jacksonville reenactment

So if I don't get around to posting or commenting over the next two weeks, you'll know where I am... rapidly sewing to the best of my ability.

PS: My husband is literally a saint. He's putting up with this like a dream come true, even rubbing my shoulders when I start to freak. I hope God throws a party in Heaven for all the husbands whose loony wives sew. They've earned it.


Emily G. said...

Goodness! Your list makes me dizzy. Though mine is about as long. It is so hard to get anything done. It barely goes down. I nap with Maria and am so tired once she's in bed that I rarely sew at night.

Good luck with your corset and dress! I'd love to see photos when things are finished. Sorry to hear your summer dress did not turn out. I hate that , when I spend so much time on something and it's just not right in the end.

Sarah Jane said...

Oh dear, you do sound very busy with sewing! I am sorry your walk away dress is not coming out well, but it sure is cute! I hope you can get it fixed before you needt o wear it!
The Liberian tops are SO gorgeous! How nice you can alter them for your pastors wife.
I'm glad the CW sewing is going well so far! You might be interested in trying the LM Dore corset next time since the gussets are giving you problems. (I dislike gussets for that reason!) :) You can borrow mine whenever you may like, since I have a fitted traced pattern of it that I use. It is *so* easy to fit and since there are no gussets, so easy to sew too.
Hope you can find some shoes! If nothing turns up in your thrift shops though there is nothing wrong with going barefoot. I end up taking me shoes off anyway about half way through the day. Thankfully in summer it is a good option!

Jenny P. said...

I'll be posting pictures of things as I get them finished... which has been a tiny bit delayed since my machine broke! I'm on my way to my mom's to use hers and hopefully convince her to let me borrow it.

Sarah -- we're headed to the Pittsfield Lincoln Days reenactment tomorrow. Will you be there? We'll be in our 2010 clothes.

Sarah Jane said...

Oooh, how was the Pittsfield reenactment? I hope you had a great time! I don't know where Pittsfield is, (south of us?) but is this an annual event? If so, we may have to go next year!

Our next event in this coming weekend over in Indiana, unfortunately the Old State Capitol event is the same weekend. I'm hoping we can make Jacksonville for the day on Sunday. It doesn't look like David will get that Saturday off work, but it would still be fun to go for the day on Sunday. If so, I *can't wait* to see you there!!

Hope you were able to borrow your mom's machine. It seems awful things like machines breaking happens at the most inoportune times. :(