Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Life Goal... er, Obsession

I have a horridly ambitious goal in my life. Maybe some of you can help me achieve it. I want to learn every traditional form of handwork and sewing known to womankind.

It's been my passion for years. I never sit down to watch a movie without something to keep my hands busy. I look forward to car trips for the guilt-free, uninterrupted hours I can spend on my projects. I'll even drive far out of my way to learn something special (this week, I'm headed 1.5 hours north to learn Bobbin Lacing; my 16th birthday present was a several-hours trip to spend a day with a pattern drafter).
Here's where you come in: Do you know any interesting arts you'd be willing to teach me? I have never yet found a person to teach me tatting -- that's probably at the top of my list -- but I have a hunger for anything and everything fiber related.

You also come in on the second, more important half. I dearly pray that these arts don't die out. I would love to teach anyone anything I know. I'm not an expert, but we can practice together.

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Sarah Jane said...

What a magnificent obsession!

I would love to learn every form of handwork and sewing as well, but, having tried and given up in despair several forms of handwork (crochet, tatting, etc.) I know I will never accomplish this. :(

My goal, since I was about 13 or 14, has been to make a recreated outfit, complete with correct underpinnings, from every era of European/American history from appx. 1200's to the 1900's. If I am in a very ambitious mood, I'll include the first half of the 20th century. :P I know this is a life goal, since it will take me the rest of my life to accomplish it! I tend to get "stuck" in certain eras.

Amy said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful goal! I've always wanted to learn bobbin lacing - I have a book...I just need some supplies. I also have some books on drawn threadwork -- now that stuff is out of this world beautiful.

I wish I had some talents to share, but alas, I don't. Maybe when you learn you can post some how-tos for those of us out there who are as hungry to learn as you are.

Jenny P. said...

Goodness Sarah Jane! That's super ambitious! I would love to play dress up in your closet... it seems like so much fun :)

Amy, although I've seen drawn threadwork, I've never tried it. That's one for the list: thank you! Do you have a favorite book to recommend? Also, I am working on a post demonstrating English Smocking, but it may be a few weeks because I'm actually smocking a piece and want to show it all the way through.

Gillian said...

That is an ambitious list, but I completely sympathise! And - you know how to make bobbin lace? That is something I have always been fascinated with. I guess lace is my "thing" - I love every form of it, knitted, tatted, crocheted, bobbin lace - you name it, I want to know how to make it! But I am rubbish at following a crochet pattern so I have not learned that yet, and I think I've forgotten the few lessons in tatting I once had.

I do know how to spin, just a little - I don't own a spinning wheel, but I can use one, and I'm more or less competent with a spindle. I would like to become better at it, though.