Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm finally getting in on this week's Week in Feminine Dress over at Sense & Sensibility! The WIFD is a time when we dress in girly clothes and celebrate. I've been moving to dresses and skirts more lately anyway, so it isn't a huge transition, but it's still so much fun to take pictures and share and see what all the different ladies wear. It's great inspiration!

My dress is brown jersy knit from Express, via Goodwill (I'd never pay their prices!). I had to let the hem out so it was long enough. It's a cozy, bum-around sort of dress. The tee is from Target.

Although this WIFD is focusing on hats, I don't really have any! So, instead, I'm wearing a handmade headband. I can only wear my hair down when I pull it back like this. This is by far the longest my hair has ever been, ever, and I LOVE it!


Joanna said...

You are so pretty! I love the outfit.
Also.. I've given you the "Beautiful Blogger award". Visit my blog for details. Keep up the good work!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

You look lovely. I think simply being a woman and enjoying our femininity is a good reason to celebrate! Good for you :)