Friday, May 7, 2010

In Over My Head

I'm having one of those overwhelmed, crazy, why-did-I-say-I-could-do-this? sort of weeks. I boycotted this morning by curling up in bed with a novel, but now I'm hours behind and wondering what's going to give.

I put the garden in the other day while Shaune was at work. It's so rewarding to know that I did it! I earned myself my first blood blister of the year breaking up the dirt so it would be nice and soft for the seeds. It's like a badge of honor, even if it is painful.

This week was my second week on the leadership team for a bible study class I've become steadily more in love with each week. I'm learning how to prepare my lesson to teach a small group of women (about 10). Although I won't start teaching until the fall, training has to happen now so I can hit the ground running.

I've also been sewing for other people. The adorable girl across the street is making a Taylor Swift (but modest-i-fied) costume for a school project, so I stitched her up some headbands that match the dress her mom found. I'm glad it ended up just that, because I was going to be making the dress, too. Until I took on this project...

I have no idea why I committed to this, other than J.L. is a good friend in the middle of moving with a fancy dinner party to attend... next week. And, of course, she had nothing to wear. When we talked about it, I figured "why not?" She just wants an A-line black skirt. And, she's a seamstress herself. She should purchase the correct stuff, right?


So, now I'm working with yucky fabric, a too-small pattern, off-color zipper and thread, not ENOUGH fabric (she purchased according to her store size, not pattern size)... it will be a creative endeavor, to say the very, very least. Please wish me luck! If I make it through the weekend, I promise to never sew for others again! At least, until the next time they ask me ever-so-nicely.


Gillian said...

Oh Jenny. Praying for you! I've had a couple of commissions that were just a wreck - hoping this one works out for you.

Sarah Jane said...

Ugh, dear Jenny I can sympathize with the frustrating yet close deadline sewing project. I'll be praying that you get through the next few days with your head above water. Just think, once it's done - it's DONE!

I have a few close deadline projects I'm working on for other people right now. Taking lots of breaks and breaking everything down into little steps helps me a lot. :)

Congratulations on your garden too! How fun! Hope your blister heals up quickly, though its nice to know you got it doing something so worthwhile. :)