Friday, November 6, 2009

New Clothes

I've been quiet lately because I've been beyond swamped with constant work. But I finally had a day to run down to the city with my best friend and do a little shopping. I'm so happy that finally the major stores are selling clothing that covers! (At least for the most part). I was able to find some lovely sweaters and long sleeve tees to replace those pieces in my wardrobe that have bit the dust. My dear friend also bought me these lovely hats:
I've never considered myself a hat person before, but these are charming. And warm! I think I'm hooked...
My dear mother also gave me this lovely fabric. Each piece is becoming a skirt. Specifically, they're for my trip to Africa in January, since the women in the village we're visiting don't wear pants. However, I'm also looking to incorporate more skirts into my wardrobe, so I'm excited to add these to the closet. They'll go nicely with my new tees... and hats! They were each $2.25 a yard at Wal-mart, 100% cotton.
The pink circles are going to be a three-tiered skirt like I saw on Sarah's blog a LONG time ago -- if I can find the post again, of course. The plaid is going to be an ankle length A-line. The purple flowers are going to be a full wrap skirt based upon a pattern of my mom's from the 1970s.
Funny story about this flowered fabric: when I was in 3rd grade, my very first ever historical costume was made out of this fabric. It was a Little House on the Prairie dress with a matching bonnet that I wore ***all the time*** I swear it was my favorite outfit for several years, until I way outgrew it. I still have the bonnet, even though it is too small. When I saw this fabric again at the store, my heart was stirred! I couldn't walk out without it! I don't need another prairie dress at this point in my life... but I'll have another favorite outfit. How funny the way things work out.


Emily G. said...

I am a hat wearer. I have at least eight winter hats, mostly berets I inherited from a great-aunt but I have one gorgeous one I got at TJ Maxx. Hats are so much fun!

They made that flowered fabric in rose/pink too. I had a tiered skirt made of it when I was six. I wore it until I grew out of it, three years I think. I loved that thing so much. Thanks for inspired happy memories.

Please share pictures when you are finished with your skirts!

Sarah Jane said...

Love your fabrics! The purple floral I used many years ago to make a "Civil War" dress for a friend of mine. When she outgrew it, it was cut down and remade for my sister and is now awaiting a new life. . .:)

I am so excited about your upcoming missions trip! You must be even more so. I can't wait to hear about it when you return!

The tutorial for the tiered skirt I got from a lovely blog which you can find here: