Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I've been so busy with

Friday was (finally) the Medieval Fair at school. That means I only have 8 more days of teaching! It's shocking -- it seems like it has been forever, but then all the sudden it is almost over. I finish being "in charge" on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I'll be observing again in this room and various others for my last two weeks. I'm so grateful for this experience. And, I'm so tired and ready for it to end.

This is a picture from the end of the fair. You can't see it, but I'm wearing a full medieval princess gown made out of silk (um... cheap not-real-silk stuff from the $1 bin, but I told the kids that it was silk since "that is what they used") and a heavy pink something that was also in the $1 bin. I made it 7 years ago for my own medieval fair in high school and have been looking for excuses to wear it ever since. I'm in the middle. I'm so proud of my kids!

We also had our open house today. It was small but fun. I think more people would have came if it hadn't been raining and cold. I made a table full of treats and had some great conversations with friends from church and a couple of neighbors.

But I wanted to show you something exciting! I actually, in this new wonderful house, have a place to call my own for sewing:

The table is small, but very sturdy. The dresser is full of my patterns, fabric, and notions. Things actually feel organized. I'm glad I won't be sharing the kitchen table for my sewing. It is less than ideal for both purposes: when I was going on a project, I didn't want to clean up to eat, and I didn't like having to get my machine out, move the centerpiece, and get it all set up whenever I wanted to sew. Now there are seperate spaces on seperate sides of the house. Perhaps more of both will happen this way.
See that floor space in between the sofa and the dresser? That's where my much-hoped for Christmas present will go (if it can happen). I very much want a dress form to help me with my fitting. I've been having a nightmare of a time with a jumper I've been working on. The straps keep coming in at strange angles. Hubby's tried to help me at the bathroom mirror but the pins always seem to move when I pull the dress off again. Things like that always seem to happen. I know exactly HOW to make fitting happen, but I don't have enough hands. I believe a dress form will help with those things. SO! Do you ladies have any suggestions for a brand or model to look for?


Emily G. said...

Your home looks quite cozy. You will love having that sewing area. I had to sew at the dining room table when I lived with my family. Now I have a table and dresser like you've got, and it's sooo nice. I wish I had some dressform advice for you, but I haven't got one myself. I want one, too. Please tell us which brand you get and how you like it, when you get yours.

Sarah Jane said...

Congratulations on being almost finished! The Medieval Fair sounds so fun!

Your home looks lovely and inviting. It is so wonderful to have a permanent sewing space set up! I used to have to sew at the kitchen table when we lived in a duplex (two moves ago) and it was awkward and I didn't sew as often as I'd like because, like you, I hated getting everything out and then clearing it away. I have our old kitchen table now that I use and a bookshelf and a plastic storage thing with drawers. It's so much nicer to have everything in easy reach and in one spot. I'm so glad you have this now!!!!

I only have a homemade stuffed dressform (which needs to be restuffed!) so I am also interested in hearing what brand and model you get, as I also would like to get a real dressform at some point soon.