Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is my cheeseburger baby

I've never been a real fan of fast food. It's greasy and nutritionally empty, plus hard on the pocketbook -- I have better things to do with $5.

My baby disagrees. She/he wants nothing more than double cheeseburgers all day every day.

I'm laughing. Of all the strange cravings out there, why this one?! At least the fast food chains are out-of-the-way enough that I don't indulge too often. Except for breakfast this morning.

Pregnancy is a delight. It's good to be home after traveling; I feel so much healthier here.


Serena said...

Heehee! With my first baby, I craved steak for about two weeks. I wanted it so badly! Then I had one and I was fine.

With my second I craved Skittles. I tried to resist that, because red dye and high fructose corn syrup aren't really what you want to be eating when you're pregnant...if ever! It was the middle of winter, so I wonder if it was actually good fruit I was craving and Skittles were my substitute.

I'm glad you're enjoying this time!

Sarah Jane said...

At least you don't crave scrambled eggs and mustard, together, like I did when I was pregnant with little David! :) Cheeseburgers actually taste good, as opposed to the odd mixture of flavors with eggs and mustard! :)

Emily G. said...

All I wanted was peaches when I was pregnant with my daughter. Canned, fresh or dried, many days they were the only thing I could down without puking. Peaches and plain yoghurt. I practically lived on that for several weeks.

Amy said...

I craved Chinese food for some reason. LOL! I still can't believe I missed the announcement of your Little Traveler, so I'm still reeling from excitement over it. I'd say "it's in the water" but I don't know if that applies to blog-land.

Mrs. G said...

I can sympathize, with one pregnancy I craved Salisbury Steak TV dinners. Ugh, we *never* eat that stuff but at the time I couldn't think of anything more wonderful.