Thursday, June 18, 2009

The miracle of life

I don't think I've ever felt alive until the moment we saw that tiny heartbeat on the sonogram two days ago. Shaune and I just clenched each other's hands and stared -- it's a miracle. Just a little flash on the screen, too small to even be heard yet.

Strangely, even after seeing that (and hanging the picture on the fridge to prove it wasn't just a dream), it still doesn't feel real. I still feel like me, with a cold that's making me really tired and my belly upset. I don't look in the mirror and think "mother" or at my husband and think "father." It's still just us. I assume the reality sets in when you start showing, and the baby starts moving?

Our appointment wasn't 100% happy. There's a major confusion about the dates -- as in, 3 1/2 weeks confusion. It is substantial enough that the doctor ordered a follow-up sonogram next week. I'm sure everything will settle out in time, but if the sonogram dating is correct, we found out about 4 days pregnant with a dollar tree test. Not impossible, but highly, highly unlikely. I've spent a lot of time in prayer since Tuesday and I feel that things will turn out ok in the end, but this is really getting to my nerves. I'd truly appreciate any prayers or good thoughts you'd be willing to send our way.


Mrs. G said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for the update! Don't sweat it about the due date thing, it'll work out and one way or another the baby will come in its time. God has that whole thing worked out for the best already. Take care Mamma!


Caroline said...

Lots of prayers going up for you two and the little one on the way.

Sarah Jane said...

I am and will be praying for you, Jenny! We had lots of confusion about Malachi's due date as well. It went from Christmas Day to Jan. 23rd. . .but it ended up with a sweet baby born healthy and happy! :) Don't worry about the dates! Just enjoy your wee one growing inside of you!

The reality for me set in when I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I remember seeing little David on the screen when he was at 10 wks gestation but it still seemed so incredibly unreal. And yes, when I started showing! I checked my belly progress every day and was so proud of my teeny little bump when I finally started pooching out at about 16 weeks or so. Ah. What a great adventure you are on right now!!

Again, I am just THRILLED for you!! Praise God!!

Emily G. said...

I don't think I'll every forget seeing my daughter's little body for the first time in an ultrasound. And seeing my husband's enormous grin as he watched.
Try not to stress will be easier for them to decide your due date when you are farther along. I'm sure everything will work out fine, and baby will come when he or she is ready.

Jenny P. said...

Thank you all so much for your encouragement. It's nice to know that others have had due-date confusion, too. I'm so glad for your input.

Amy said...

We'll be praying for you down here in Texas! I really didn't experience the first stirring of "being a mom" until I felt a little kick. I saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks and even though I knew it was inside my body, it felt incredibly surreal. Even hearing the heartbeat for the first time was surreal.

Then one're minding your own business...and a little nudge pokes you from the inside and your heart just giggles over it. Then it's really real.