Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Tomorrow, at 5:00:00pm, my beloved and I leave on our honeymoon! We were married 4 1/2 months ago, on August 2nd, but were unable to take a trip at that time because my college classes resumed almost immediately after the wedding. That, and our wedding was originally scheduled for December 20th and we'd already booked the cabin. We moved the date up for a wide variety of reasons, and I am SO glad we did.

Why, in this culture, the first thing people assume with young marriage is that the girl is already pregnant? This belief is especially prevalent in the university culture I've been a part of for the last four years (the end is near...). It seems like the only reason people in the "intelligent" community marry is because of an "accident." I hate this mindset with a passion and am doing everything I know how to change it. Some of us marry because we love each other and God has placed us in each other's life with enough stability that staying apart only creates unnecessary tension. You don't have to be 30 to be "grown up."

Well... back to the honeymoon. We had planned on skiing but the weather doesn't look like it will cooperate. So we're packing up the guitar, hymn books, board games, sewing, and more to snuggle up in front of the cabin's fire place -- a luxury we don't have in our little apartment. And once we get back, every penny goes in the piggy so we can buy a house before we have too many littles running around.

See you after the first -- 2009!

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Sarah Jane said...

May you have a wonderful honeymoon with your beloved!!! Here are prayers for a safe trip there and back and lovely weather!

I too don't like the mindset of today's society assuming a girl is pregnant because she got married. I was married at 19 and many people thought that I was pregnant, since it was a very quick marriage (hubby and I hadn't known each other long) but noooo...I got pregnant with my lost wee one in December following the September we got married.

Do you play guitar?! I do as well! :)

Have a lovely rest of the year!