Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My little snowflake :)

All the sudden I'm giving my sewing machine a much-needed work out :) Next up: A snowflake dress/pinafore for Little Miss to wear all winter! Forgive the terrible pictures, my model was (again) not in the mood to have her photo taken. One of these days...

I splurged a little on Black Friday. And by a little, I mean an awful lot. We were at Joann Fabrics over 2hr and walked out with a grand bag full of goodies. And then, I came home and indulged myself with a couple patterns I've had my eyes on for quite a while from the beautiful Lily Bird Studio. They're the perfect blend of classic and modern styling. Most patterns have a generous range of sizes and full photograph tutorials.

This particular pattern is called the "Birthday Party" dress. If you can't see in the pictures, there's an empire waistline just below the armholes where the skirt is ruffled on at about 2:1, then there is another hem ruffle again at 2:1. It's awfully fluffy by the end! Plus the shoulder ruffles, of course. And - believe it or not - I made absolutely no adaptations to the pattern other than cutting all one fabric instead of a combination of prints. Oh, and switching the buttons to snaps because button holes hate me. There are belt loops on the sides, but I haven't made a belt yet and we'll just see if I ever get around to it. It's pretty darling as is!

I am mad in love with this pattern. Which is good - it goes from sizes 1-8 so I'll be able to use it forever. Maybe not forever, but a good long while, at least until she outgrows the style :)

PS, I can't decide if it's a dress or a pinafore - technically a dress, but since it's snowflakes and short sleeves, it will never be worn without something underneath... historical fashionistas, can you explain the difference?


Sarah Jane said...

I'm so glad you posted this! The snowflake dress is adorable and I have been trying to find a pattern like this but to no avail. I love the print you made it from; it's perfect!

I think a pinafore is meant to cover a dress underneath, to keep it clean. So IMHO I would call it a dress. Either way, it's darling!

Gillian said...

I think the terminology depends a little bit on who you're asking - the Brits use "pinafore dress" for what here is usually a "jumper" (their jumpers are our pullover sweaters...) but it's usually just shortened to "pinafore" or "pinny." I grew up calling garments like this pinafores. But technically a pinafore is open at the back and worn to protect the dress underneath.

Regardless of all the terminology, it's lovely! I like the print :-)