Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Apron Inspiration

My mom wasn't an apron mom. We had a couple in the closet but they came out VERY rarely. She's just a clean baker :) Aprons were a thing of mystery; I saw them at the church suppers, and in old movies and photographs. But they were unnecessary to my way of life.

But I soon came to realize that I, on the other hand, am not a clean baker. And I seriously lack in the household motivation department.

It was a few years ago, when I was really starting to set up my own home, that I stumbled upon a blog that I've come back to time and time again: The Hillbilly Housewife. At the time, my main interest was the low-budget, real food meals. But one day, I found an article that changed the way I think entitled Apron Evangelism. She talks about how her boys were being insubordinate (of course, this was before Grace was even imagined) and how she just couldn't get motivated to clean her house. Until she made an apron:

Boy howdy, was I in for a surprise. In the mirror I saw a vision of the homemaker I have always strived to become staring back at me. Her cheery face glistened in the sunshine. Her hair tied up neatly in bun looked authoritative, and compassionate all at the same time. The apron covered several figure flaws and accentuated the fertile curves of the woman I saw in the mirror. This woman had purpose. She had status. She had clout. I stood there, contemplating the wonder of the homemaker that shone through my image in the mirror. “This is who I want to be” I told myself. “This is the Keeper of the home, with a capital ‘K’. ”

Well, then. If a simple piece of fabric could make me actually WANT to clean my house, it's worth a shot. And so began my love affair with aprons. Since then I've made a drawer full and even bought a book on the subject. But it's been a while. My "best" apron (functionality wise, at least) is really starting to show some wear. Time for a new one!

So... full skirt, deep pockets, pretty print... comfy, functionally, and best of all - upcycled! This material was a shower curtain that I loved. When we redid the bathroom, though, we went to one of those curved "hotel" rods that requires 2 curtains to get good coverage. This one was retired to my craft storage in wait for the perfect use. I have just enough to make an apron for Gracie that matches! Of course, she's too little now, but... someday... I've been having all kinds of crazy matching/coordinating outfit plans lately. Which is probably a really bad idea but kind of fun to think about all the same.

Blue birds with brown flowers. It makes me smile
Are you an apron lover? I don't think I'll ever go back!


Gillian said...

Your new apron is so pretty! I have a few which I wear for messy cooking and big chores (or when I'm sewing, because I always end up covered in snipped-off threads!) I like the idea of the apron as a uniform, though, I'll have to think about that some more!

Amy said...

I gave you an award here: I hope you like it! :)

Hannah said...

O my goodness, I am exactly the same wanting to make matching outfits with my little girl (8 weeks old), my approach, is I had better do it now, before she can talk and ask me not to :)
Thank you for this apron story, I am making an apron. I need motivation, something, to help me keep my house clean...