Friday, November 11, 2011

A Long-Awaited Adventure!

Oh Boy! At long last, a Joann's worth shopping at has opened in my neighborhood. Well, it's about 5 miles away, right next to where Shaune works and I attend Bible study. Danger zone, in other words.
Today was tehir grand opening. You can BET I was there, shopping list in tow! I'm so excited. I finally got my sewing machine fixed last weekend (I broke it over a year ago when I was sewing too fast on a civil war petticoat) and have been working on organizing my fabric and pattern stash. I've been collecting lists of projects that I want/need to accomplish between now and Christmas. I scoured the add and selected coupons, then braved the excitement.
It was worse than "Black Friday." LOL.
Have you ever seen several hundred women... crafters... who have been deprived of a decent fabric store for quite a while? Our joann's stopped taking shipments in late August; Hobby Lobby and Hancock are just so junky (these ones at least). Mass pandemonium ensued when we ladies were finally able to get our fix.
I was there for an hour and a half. Just guess how many people got fabric cut during that time (you have to take a ticket, then a screen shows what number is currently being served). You'll never guess. 162! 162 women gathered around the poor cutters like a cage in the zoo. 162 carts stacked high with bolts of fabric. 162 husbands somewhere wringing their hands at the anticipated credit card bill!
But alas, I patiently waited my turn... got my 6 cuts of fabric and more patterns than I'm going to admit to you (they were only $1 each)... gathered MY tired husband (who insisted on coming along, but later regretted it)... and cleared out, having quite satisfied my fabric addiction for a long time... or until my Mom comes up to do it again on Sunday!

Happy Weekend!


Emily G. said...

That must have been fun. The Jo-Ann's closest to me closed several months ago, and another opened recently about 6 miles away. It's in a direction I never go, unfortunately...or is it fortunate? I did go a few weeks ago, and came out $50 poorer. It's a beautiful store, and I can only imagine that its grand opening day was much like you describe. Thankfully, I did not get there for it. 162 people? Those cutter's hands must have been blistered. What a miserable workday!

Have fun with your mom Sunday!

Gillian said...

A Jo-Ann's opened in Jackson this summer - I remember the crowds! And I waited until it was open a week to go visit, too. I wish we had one in Clarksville - they have a much better selection of fabrics than any of the craft stores here.

I can't wait to see what you make with all your new fabric :-) I can never resist the $1 patterns, either!