Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Action Shots: Grace's Coat

Because baby clothes are way cuter on the baby instead of the table :D

It's almost a pefect fit. Just a little loose, so it should fit throughout the cold season. This is a toddler size 1/2. LOL, I didn't even know they made a size 1/2!

You can see how the fullness hits just above her bum, and it only buttons to her waist. As wiggly as she is nowadays, this keeps everything nicely out of the way. And as Gillian suggested, I did skip the bow - there's enough going against me already trying to get this kid in a carseat. I don't need anything extra!


Sarah Jane said...

Very cute! She is growing up so fast. . .and WOW she does look a lot like her daddy! Love the coat, the style looks perfect for active babies! I'll need to keep that idea in mind for when/if we have a girl-baby.

Jenny P. said...

Thanks Sarah! She is JUST like Shaune - they're both so sprited :) The pattern alterations are super simple; it took me an hour (not counting the button holes) so I have no doubt you could do it in half that!

Gillian said...

She's adorable! (So is the coat!) I'm glad my suggestion was useful :-) Oh, and I agree with Sarah, Gracie looks SO much like Shaune!