Monday, April 18, 2011

36 weeks or so :)

Well ladies, I've made it to the final count-down! I'm 36 weeks by one count, 37 by another, and honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to make it all the way. Haha, don't all first-timers say that? Really tho, I kinda hope I don't. I'm ready to breath again. Baby Girl's already dropped and I'm at 2.5 cm. It's making me cautiously hopeful. I know I could go for another month like this, but I'm curious for you moms: How long were you just-a-little dialated? Did it really last forever, or did you keep progressing once you started? I'm having Braxton-Hicks contractions a couple times every hour and some of them HURT, but it's not particularly "regular." I even made it to the gym tonight. I'd love to know what you experienced. In the mean time, I guess I should wash a load of baby clothes or something... since I've kind of done NOTHING up til now!


Serena said...

I know it's SO hard to wait, especially with your first. I was 1 cm a month before my first was born, 2 cm the next week, 3 the get the idea. I was 5 cm when I went in to be induced a week past my due date. So, I kept progressing, but it was verrrry slow. ;) If I had it to do again, I wouldn't have been induced. With my second, I was nothing, and four days later she was born (also a week late, not induced, and a much better labor).

Remember that normal is 37-42 weeks. First time mamas usually go a bit longer. Stay strong!

Emily G. said...

I can't believe you are so far already! I know you are ready, but I always try to treasure those last days of feeling the baby inside you. And though there is nothing that compares with holding your newborn in your arms, I have to say they are much easier to take care of while in the womb.

I was 2 cm for about 3 weeks before Maria was born. I laboured for about 20 hours before I even got to 5. With Henry, I was 2 cm at 41 weeks but didn't get checked before that. I got to 5cm before labour actually started to hurt, so that was cool.

Hang in there! She'll be here soon. Praying for you.

Sarah Jane said...

I was dialated some with each child, but, of course, I made it to my scheduled c section dates; with David, it was an "emergency" one at 34 wks, with the other two at 38 and 39 wks. So, dialating can mean only a short wait or maybe a long slow wait. But it definitely means progress is happening! Things are gearing up. Before you know it you will have your little girl in your arms!
And yipes! I have a little something to send you for Little Miss and I need to get it sent out so it arrives before she does! :P

Amy said...

I'm just pleased that things seem to be going relatively "normal" for you - your body is doing everything it's supposed to be doing, and hopefully your birth will be uneventful. (Well, it's always an *event* right?)

I need to get your giftie in the mail, too. I'm almost done with it!!

Jenny P. said...

Oh ladies, I know this could still be forever, but one can hope! And Emily, I know she's easier -- and quieter -- now, but goodness my back will be happier with her out!

Thanks for the encouragement :)