Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Single Car Families?

Hi ladies! I wanted to ask your opinion on something that's coming up in our near future: Are any of you single-car families?

My dear, darling, 12 year old 210,000 mile car isn't going to make it much longer and we're looking at not replacing it. Have any of you made do with a little one and just one car? What do you have to do to make it work?

Thanks for sharing!


Sarah Jane said...

We are a single car family, and for most of my life at home, my mom and dad had only one car, as well. For us, it works out fine. David takes the car to work, and we plan our errands and doctor visits, etc. for time he is off work (evenings or weekends) and the occasional times when we do need the car during the day (doctor visits, usually, since they often have the same hours as Davids work schedule!) David will request a half-day off work so we have the car, or else I will take him to work in the morning, use the car as I need it, and pick him up in the evening. My mom did the same exact thing when she had to use the car when we were little.

When we lived in town, I did not miss the car at all. I must say it has been a little more isolated since we live here and I really can't walk anywhere. But in town, I could bundle up the boys in the double stroller (and when Malachi was tiny I'd put him in a carry sling) and we could walk to the park, to the store, to the library, etc.

I think it is definitely feasible to be one a one-car family, even with a little one. Especially if you live in town, and places you may have to go to are within easy walking distance. And especially if your husbands job is not too far from your home and it would be an easy thing to drop him off/pick him up for days you do need the car. David works a half hour from home so when I need the car, it is kind of inconvenient at times to get all the boys up and dressed and out the door by 7 in the morning. ;P But it isn't terrible, it's doable, and it's nice to have only one vehicle to worry about insurance, upkeep and gas.

The Stay at Home Wifey said...

We are a one car family with a 9 month old and another on the way. When I really need the car DH arranges his work schedule accordingly. We usually arrange appointments at the doctor etc for late afternoon, so he can just go into work a little earlier and not have to take time off. With nap schedules etc it isn't like there is much time for going out right now anyway. Being home with a little one keeps me busy enough that I don't miss going out, and staying out of stores/the mall definitely takes away the temptation to spend money.

Anonymous said...

The family I'm living with is a one-car family, too, and it works out well for them with 2 young children. In their case, the wife has the car so she can do all the errands during the day/ take children to appointments, library, etc. The husband bikes to work, buses on rainy days, and is occasionally driven by the wife. She said she's willing to proffer more advice if you seek it!

Jenny P. said...

Awesome, thanks for your ideas. We're not there yet -- the Camery's still running -- but I can see it happening. Thankfully we live within walking distance of an urgent care medical facility, a pharmacy, a park, and several restaurants, and Shaune works only 10 minutes away. I'm pretty certain we can do it, but it's so counter-cultural (at least for our area) that it makes me nervous.