Saturday, January 15, 2011

Idle Hands Love to Knirt

Do you remember that old saying, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop"? I'm not sure about the theological implications of that, but I do know that I'm happiest when my hands are busy.
Lately, I've spent a lot of evenings with my feet up. It's the product of a busy life plus being 23 weeks pregnant. Lots of feet-up time means lots of movie-watching time (gotta love my Austen classics, yum). That also means, lots of knitting time! Guess who benefits? BLUEBERRY!

I know, I know, she's a girl... but blue is really my favorite color and she IS our Blueberry... and I found this cone of varigated blue cotton on sale for reaaaaallly cheap at one of those big box stores. So, lo and behold, a bounty of beautiful blue (and white) baby goodies. The white is 100% cotton, too :)
This blanket kept growing. I guess it's something to do with the elasticity of the cotton, or the fact that I knit straight garter stitch on 8s, but it seems much larger than when I started. 3 strips of garter knit, sewn together, then decorated with a crocheted border. Simple and wonderful -- hours of car time during the holidays. It WAS going to be 5! strips, but Shaune made me stop :) It's got a lovely feel to it. I think I'm addicted to cotton :)

I still had a ton of blue left so I made a little hat and some shoes. The shoes, you can't see it, but they have a row of eyelets just below the top edge. I'm going to get some pretty white ribbon to do an ankle lace, kinda like ballet slippers. Can you picture it? The hat's all ruffly at the bottom edge. I LOVE this pattern and am probably going to make about a hundred more -- little cotton hats will be perfect for summer (if she'll keep them on, of course).

There's STILL blue left (but it is wearing down), so I think I'm going to make a little dress next. At least the bodice of one... I might do a cotton eyelet skirt. I have some in my stash that would look charming gathered on to a knit bodice.

Oh my... this little girl is going to have more stuff than she can feasibly wear before she outgrows it. She's not going to be spoiled... no, not at all... ;-)

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Gillian said...

I love the blanket! Garter stitch, especially in cotton, does seem to "grow", though. I remember when I was starting out to knit I made a lot of those basic dishcloths that you start at one corner, and they never came out square because my garter stitch would stretch. It used to make me mad but I think it's just a feature of the stitch!

That little hat is darling, too!