Sunday, October 25, 2009

Introducing Sundowner Lane

I'm excited to show you, for the first time, our new home!

We live in the lower level of this split level house. We bought it for this view here:

I swear this is the ONLY hill in Springfield. Maybe all of Central Illinois. It's so pretty! This picture doesn't do it justice. We went biking on Thursday evening and it was absolutely stunning. There's a creek (currently flooded) just at the bottom of the hill. Riding into it stirred my heart. I'm so happy to be out in the country. We can see the stars for the first time since moving to Springfield. We can also see amazing sun sets -- hence the name of the street. Everything about this place was carefully provided for us by the One Who Cares.
Things are still chaotic. We spent the first half of the week scrubbing the 6th Street apartment then the second half of the week scrubbing this one. I refused to unpack boxes until the windows were clean -- there was a 1/2 in of dirt in the sliding tracks that made them so they couldn't open. This is the first and only room so far in my house that is pulled together:

That extra shelf unit was because we've got a ton fewer cabinets that at 6th Street. It was a $12 Goodwill find. It'll also be a nice place to knead my bread and stuff, because the other countertops are a little clasuterphobic. It's got all my frequently used appliances on it in easy reach to grab and plug in: crock pot, toaster, rice cooker, blender. The rack will hold bread and fruit, napkins, and other easy-grab things. The trash can is hiding behind the shelf.
All the paintings are still stacked in our bedroom closet and there's still three suitcases of clothing to be opened and washed. It's a far cry from finished, but now we're into the fun part. I love arranging everything.
Blessed Sunday to you all!


Mrs. G said...

How beautiful! The autumn colors look lovely on the hill, we're so happy for you!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh Jenny, how lovely! The hill is beautiful and the creek sounds so wonderful. Isn't it wonderful when beauty is all around you like that?! I'm soooo thrilled that you have such a beautiful new home to live in. I hope you have many happy times ahead of you in your new home! I like the shelf unit a lot. We also downsized our cabinet space when we moved. I need to find something like that for my kitchen. :)

Emily G. said...

You seem so happy in your new home. The view is truly lovely. My kitchen has even less cabinets/counters than yours. I hope you have a pantry. It looks like you are making good use of the space you have, though. Will you share pictures of the other rooms once you get them in order?

Jenny P. said...

Things are settling in nicely. I'll have more pictures in a couple days; we're waiting for one more furniture piece: a coffee table! I've wanted one for YEARS and we're getting one free from my parents.

Emily -- there is a pantry but it is on the other side of the house, so it's for bulk storage.