Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stress and Student Teaching

I've not had a chance to post since Friday because I've entered the busiest time of my education: student teaching. Basically, I'm a full-time teacher in a 5th/6th grade classroom from now until December. I'm observing under a mentor teacher this week and next, then I begin to take over the various subjects. Although I've been writing every night (for HOURS!), none of it has been for my blog. I'm afraid, dear friends, I may be hitting a dry spot for a while.

I think the hardest part of this experience is that my heart isn't in it. I love the kids and I love teaching -- don't mistake me there! However, my heart's at home. My husband and I have already decided that I can stay home and care for our family. Finishing school is simply so we have a back-up if anything happens to him, to teach and care for our children to the best of my ability, and to make both sets of parents happy. (They only agreed to our getting married young if we promised I would graduate)

But I'm so unmotivated!

I know I'll get through it, I'm just dragging my feet today. The first week of school is chaos and I've always hated it -- first as a student, now as a teacher. In addition, we had not one but TWO tornadoes blow through town, so we spent the better part of the afternoon shhhing kids while they leaned up against the interior walls.

I'll have a chance to write more on my Moses project come Friday. I just didn't want everyone to think I'd disappeared! Have a great week!

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Amy said...

Hi Jenny -- many prayers coming your way that you get through this semester of student teaching. It'll be tough, but you'll get it under your belt and then you can put your focus where it needs to be. I hear you with regards to your heart being at home. I'm IN my home, but work (starting up again next week) is going to take my attention back to non-home stuff, even though I sit in my home office. Talk about serving two masters; that's what it feels like. Take care of yourself!