Thursday, April 2, 2009

The end is near

Sorry for my online silence, things have just been going crazy here! It's my last week of Preclinical work before student teaching, which means formal evaluations, journals, papers, interviews... I've hardly slept, much less seen my husband or been online.

My little Rubbermaid garden (see last post) is taking off like crazy! The squash and cucumbers are all about 6 inches high. The lettuce is going all over the place. The tomatoes are almost ready to move from the seedling tray to their pot. The mint and flowers aren't too far behind, but it'll be at least another few weeks before transplanting. I'm hoping that our freak 6" of snow last weekend was a one-time-thing and I can move the containers outside soon. They're taking up precious space in my living room. My inlaws gave me the funniest little garden knome for my birthday last weekend that I'm going to hide in the mint. He sighs and complains about how bored he is every time you walk past (it's a sensor thing). He's too, too cute. Kind of strange, but cute.

Other than that, I'm just trying to keep my head above water! I hate this extreme busyness... I can't wait for a rhythm of life to settle in. Oh, and hopefully I'll have an announcement to make soon about a new special project over the summer!


Sarah Jane said...

How wonderful your garden is doing well! That inspires me. If the weather is nice we plan on burning off our garden next weekend and then soon after getting a few things in. Spring is here! I too hope the snow was a one-time thing. I went up to my parents (an hour north) last Sunday and nearly lost the road several times because of the blowing snow!

Mrs. G said...

I'm so glad that your plants are doing well, congratulations! It's such a good feeling when the plants that you've nurtured really take off. Good luck too with all of your school stuff, we'll be thinking about you.