Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Channelling my innner Italian grandmother...

or rather, my crabby (but lovable!) father-in-law who spent the better part of the 1980's living in Italy at the behest of the American military. Last weekend when we visited he taught me how to make noodles.

I've been making bread, bagels, pizza, and lots of other things at home for quite a while now, but NOODLES? I've always just bought them, $1 a lb, at the grocery store. No one really has enough time to make NOODLES, do they?! Well, my husband apparently has a soft spot for homemade noodles. Eating his dad's this weekend renewed that desire. Since tonight on the menu is Stroganoff, and I happen to be out of egg noodles and not particularly keen on going to the grocery store, he asked (begged...) me to use his dad's recipe and make them myself.

So I did.

They're so yummy and fresh! They still have real flavor in them, not dehydrated, shipped, sat on a store shelf for a while collecting dust flavor. They're also chewier than I'm used to, but they're so excellent I could definitely get used to it. And, from start to pot-ready only took about 15 minutes. Definitely within my time window of willingness. I think I've just added something new to my cooking repertoire!


KinaBolina said...

What is this, homemade pasta sans pasta cutter? I am impressed!!!
xoxo Caroline

Jenny P. said...

Nope, no pasta cutter. Rolling pin and pizza cutter!

Sarah Jane said...

They look/sound wonderful! My grandpa used to make homemade beef and noodles so I've been wanting to try making my own. (my attempts so far turned out dumplings rather than noodles) :)

Mrs. G said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! I've never made noodles but yours look so yummy that I might have to try it!