Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

Hello Friends! Let's just pretend my 4.5 month absence didn't happen. I don't have any sort of explanation, other than life got in the way. A specific small person, to be specific:


My Miss is getting bigger every day :) She's definitely what one would call "spirited" - she has big feelings, and she feels them all the time. Happy isn't just happy. It's overwhelming giggles of joy and bliss. Sad isn't just sad. It's a puddle of angry baby who refuses all forms of comfort. Blessedly, the overwhelming joy is much more frequent than the sadness, but when it comes! Watch out!

Mommy's cell phone, AND jewelry, AND wings?! Yes please!
I'm really enjoying her more each day. I have to be completely honest - I'm not a newborn person. Having a tiny needy being was so draining to me. But now! The chirping of my little bird screaming "Mommy!" never fails to stir my heart (Sometimes negatively... little trouble maker... but always a stirring).
Sunshine still likes to be worn for chore time
This kid. LOL. Every time I pick her up from the nursery at Bible Study, my friend (the lead volunteer) hands her back to me laughing with a story to tell. Today Sunshine wandered around after all the other children, picking up their scattered toys and chanting, "Help... Help..." At least, until she climbed into the toy fridge and popped out at anyone walking by with a giant "HI!!!" At 18 months she is officially off the charts for height at 35" tall. My husband is 6'3" and I'm 5'9" but golly! She's in 3T in several brands!

As always, I've got ideas for big plans and big projects. But in reality, making it through the day is often an accomplishment with a toddler who demands so much attention - attention I get much pleasure from giving, but detracts from other necessities all the same. She falls in bed and I likewise collapse from exhaustion, only to return to cleaning the kitchen and plotting invitations to play for the next day. Oh, and seeing my husband occasionally ;)

So again, forgive my absence. There's just so much Sunshine to soak in :)


Amy said...

Glad to see you back! I've been absent a lot too. I really need to get back into blogging more often.


Gillian said...

So glad to see you back in this space! Your little Miss is adorable - I especially love that photo of her in the leaves. She sounds like a handful, but a delightful one!