Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Wiggle Worm

So I think I mentioned a few times while I was preggo that Gracie's a wiggler. She's feisty, and since birth has only gotten more so. She's rolling over now (but only in her sleep... I got a weird child) and trying DESPERATELY to crawl. In fact, she makes progress when I have her on a blanket over the hard wood floor. Did I mention she's not yet 4 months old? Frightening.
All this wiggling is having an effect, though. It's probably a "first time mom," don't-know-the-ropes yet, access too much information induced panic, but I worry all the same. We have a scale at play group and my sweet babe hasn't gained any weight in August. At all. Granted, she nearly doubled her birth weight in her first three months (7lb9oz up to 14lb14oz), but 4 weeks without a gain at her age is a long time. And she's started making a "Hey, is that all there is?" face after nursing. Sigh. I called her pediatrician and they said to track her weight every week and bring the record in to our 4mo apointment on the 12th. That it's "probably no big deal," but alas... I'm a mom. I worry. After all we went through to get nursing under way, having to suppliment would be a major stab in the heart.
Anyone else's babe hit a plateau and just not gain for a while?


Gillian said...

Obviously I have no experience, but maybe she's just working it all off in her wiggles? She doesn't look like she's lacking for nourishment :) But I'll be praying that she's okay, and for your peace of mind :)

Emily G. said...

I bet she is just so active that she's using up all her calories that way. What a girl. She reminds me of how Maria was at that age. I hope she gains a little this month so you don't have people trying to force you into solids too early.

Henry is wearing a Thirsties cover in that photo. They are about $10-13 apiece and I love them. Huge improvement over the Bummis panties. If you decide to try them, here is something to keep in mind. They are adjustable for size at the leg and waist. (For me, the mediums fit kids about 4-22 mos +) Some have Velcro and some have snaps. My kids skin is really sensitive to velcro for some reason, and if I used diapers that have it on the waist, and their paunch rubs it, they get huge irritated patches. If you've never tried Velcro against Gracie's skin, I'd go for the ones with snaps.

Jenny P. said...

Thanks ladies. She gained 2oz this week so hopefully we're back on track.

Emily - I LOVE Thirsties covers. In fact, that's what we're about to grow out of. I've got her in Size 1s and Smalls right now. The rise on the 1s is getting too short. I wasn't sure if I'd get the next size Thirsties, or change brands. And I ONLY use snaps! LOL. I had 2 velcro diapers and sold them to a friend. My concern with the Thirsties 2s tho is that there's only one row of snaps, unlike a lot of the other brands that have both a waist snap and a hip snap.