Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden Mysteries

I absolutely love having a garden. If you were around last year, you probably laughed while I experimented with growing for the first time. I used Rubbermaids on the balcony. It was fabulous, but I knew there was more.

This year we have ground of our own and I have been living it up! The garden lines one side of our house. It's only 3 feet wide, but 2 bedrooms long (so exact, I know). I love staring out my window at the flowers on the squash and tomatoes... I feel more connected with the "real" world even while I'm tapping away at my computer.

This basket is my new centerpiece for the kitchen table during the growing season. Today's selection: lettuce, spinach, and a crookneck squah. Some days the selection is still store-bought, but every day there's more home grown and less hothouse!

But I have a mystery to run past you all: Do you know why 2 plants, exactly the same, purchased together on the same day, planted side by side... would turn out two completely different peppers? They taste the same -- they're both clearly jalepanos. But they look so different! One plan it putting out the rounded-end, shiny peppers. The one next to it is producing matt green peppers that are long and pointy. I repeat -- they taste the same. I'm just curious to see if anyone has any input, as I'm new to this green thumb thing!

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Gillian said...

I would guess you've actually got two different sorts of hot peppers there. The plants look almost identical between varieties, and the flavour of most hot peppers (disregarding the level of heat) is usually almost the same. I'm not quite sure what kind the one on the left is - the one on the right is clearly your regular jalapeno. The other one looks a little bit like a serranno pepper, but those are quite a bit hotter than jalapenos so if they taste the same that can't be right.

I wish I could be more help! I tend to grow bell pepper and REALLY hot peppers (Thai dragon, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero, etc) so I'm not very good at the middle-heat ones :/

Or I suppose you could just have a mutant on your hands ;-P