Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Trip of a Lifetime

'Twas the night before Africa, and all through the house,
Jenny was trying to find that last perfect blouse.
The suitcases were stacked in the hallway with care
And silent prayers that every necessity was there.
The bed was a wreck since the pillows were packed
And Shaune started to wonder if his brain had cracked.

When deep in their hearts there arose such a thought
This packing, this chaos, it was not for naught!
It was for the children that this, we pursued
Our joy is not dependent on anyone's mood!
We're off to give glory to God up above
To show the people of Liberia His radical love.
To the slums and the bushes, to the jungles we'll go
Who we'll met and we'll see, only Jesus shall know.

So we humbly request that you keep us in prayer,
On the flights, in the vans -- the whole time we're there.
Pray that hearts will be changed and that churches are planted

And that nothing we learn will be taken for granted.
I hope you'll remember me by this simple rhyme
Once we depart on on our trip of a lifetime.

We'll be gone for two full weeks! I'll see you all after the 28th with many stories and many photographs to share. God Bless you all until then!


Gillian said...

Praying for you and Shaune, Jenny! And I love your poem :-)

Amy said...

Our prayers are with you. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos and journals of your trip. What an exciting time! (Love that poem, too!)

Emily G. said...

Great poem! Thoughts and prayers are with you.